What is

Life Insurance?


A family is supposed to be the essential thing in a person's life because there is no place on earth then being loved and spending quality time with family.

If you have a family then you know how important their welfare and safety are. Did you ever think about their financial security when you are no longer there to provide for them?

Have you sit down and plan you and your family's financial future? Have you thought about a plan so they will have money to settle bills, daily needs, school fees and so much more?

If not, it is time to sit down and start planning ahead. You do not know what tomorrow or a few years from now  hold for your family. But, when you planned and made the necessary preparations, then you do not need to worry about tomorrow.


Life Insurance

You should consider getting life cover when you are responsible for looking after a family, especially if you want to make sure they do not struggle financially when you are no longer there.


Is your spouse capable to take care of the family without your means of income? Do they make enough money to cover all the monthly expenses and pay off debt or mortgage?

In most cases the answer is no. It is where life insurance is the best option to buy when you start with your financial planning.

Life insurance is a policy one take out that will provide your family with a lump sum of money the day you die. It is a type of death protection plan that one buys from any insurance company of your choice. When you pass away, your family can claim the money from your insurance provider. You will pay a monthly fee for the policy to stay active and cover your family.

When you consider an amount of coverage, you should take all your expenses, mortgage and so forth into account and a little more for them to survive.
Your family can do with the money as they wish or like you decided together how it should be spend.
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